RIX Hydro Pump

รหัสสินค้า : RIX Hydro Pump

Air driven hydraulic pressure intensifier pump

The principle of operation

Moving forward of piston
1. Air is supplied from primary air supply.
2. The air comes into auto switching valve go into the chamber(A) in the primary cylinder.
3.  If the chamber(A) is pressurized by the air, primary piston, Piston rod and secondary piston move forward to arrow direction.
4. As a result the operation "3" a suction valve is closed and the Pressure in chamber(C) and (D) of the secondary cylinder become higher.
5. Pump the pressured fluid in the chamber(D) of secondary cylinder up from the port of discharge by intensified pressure.
6. Auto Switching valve is automatically turned to reverse process at the end of stroke.
Moving backward of piston
7. When primary piston, piston rod and secondary piston have moved to the end, the air, which supplied to an auto switching valve, goes into chamber(B) in the primary cylinder.
8. If the chamber(B) is pressurized by the air, primary piston, piston rod and secondary piston move backward to arrow direction.
9. A suction valve open as results of operation "8" and fluids get into the chamber(C) of secondary cylinder from a suction port.
10. The fluid, which pressurized in the chamber(D) of a secondary cylinder are discharged from a port discharge by intensified pressure.
As stated above. The fluids are discharged continuously, while intensifying the pressure of fluids
By moving of a secondary piston. Consequently, discharge pulsation is not as intermittent
as an ordinary booster but continuous discharge.

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- Compressed air driven.

- In a pressurized state for long hours the temperature of the fluid dose not rise.

- City water is applicable.

- Self-priming suction.

- Discharge pressure is adjustable.

- A continuous reciprocating discharge function.

- Kerosene, light oil and heavy oil is applicable.

- Suitable for spot cleaning because of the little discharge by high pressure.